Achieve Clinical Excellence and Build The Ultimate Cash Practice!

What is the ultimate way to achieve clinical excellence and build the ultimate cash practice?

Well the answer is, without a doubt, FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE!

Imagine if you are a detective and the only tool you have to solve a case is your expertise in fingerprints. You'd probably solve quite a few cases. But what happens if you come to a crime scene and there are absolutely no fingerprints anywhere? You'd be lost, wouldn't you? The crime would remain unsolved.

This is exactly the same as a physician only having one or two ways to gather information from the body. Depending on how good you are, you'd crack a few cases but you couldn't expect to crack them all.

- A Functional Medicine Detective casts the diagnostic net wide

As a physician working in the realm of function and dysfunction, you need to have as many tools as possible to assess the body. You must gather as much data about your patient as possible flowing into your assessment funnel.

  • Data from the patient's story and history
  • Data from the patient's medical records
  • Data from the patient's physical body
  • Data from the patient's urine
  • Data from the patient's saliva
  • Data from the patient's blood
  • Data from a whole range of Advanced Functional Diagnostic Medicine tests

And once you have all that information you must be able to process and make sense of it all. You must be able to quickly and efficiently communicate to the patient exactly what you think is going on. And finally, you must be able to clearly and concisely recommend what they must do to achieve a greater state of health and well-being.

This is what Functional Diagnostic Medicine is all about: Becoming the Ultimate Medical Detective.

- Is this how you practice or would like to practice?

It's clear that millions of people are desperately looking for answers to their medical problems and want health-care practitioners who practice like this. They are ready and HUNGRY for real answers to chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, auto-immune diseases, obesity, diabetes etc..

- What are people really searching for?

The public has raised its hands and is telling the health industry that it wants answers for many of their most common health challenges.

It's possible, using the latest website analytic programs, to clearly see what is on the minds of millions of people around the globe when they do a Google/Yahoo search for keywords related to the problems they are suffering from.

Just take a look at these numbers for searches made over an average 30 day period:

- Hypertension: 56,704 searches
- Acid reflux: 28,786 searches
- Depression: 119,782 searches
- Menopause: 30,521 searches
- Asthma: 49,073 searches
- Diabetes: 231,096

- What they want are answers

Here's the truth that the established allopathic medical community wants to keep under wraps: THEY HAVE NO ANSWER for the thousands and thousands of people suffering with these diseases. They have two (2) tools in their black bag: Drugs and Surgery.

Hit by a car crossing the sidewalk? Fall out of your bedroom window? Have a dissecting aneurysm that's about to blow? The established allopathic medical community has the answer.

Suffering from debilitating fibromyalgia? Experiencing out of control hypertension? Overwhelming depression or anxiety? Agonizing arthritis? How about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, Allergies, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Crohn's Disease, Heart Disease, the list goes on and on. THEY HAVE NO ANSWER.

But you know what.....

- Functional Diagnsotic Medicine Has Answers

Functional Diagnostic Medicine is the new health model of the 21st century. This is a bold statement we know but it's true.

Doctors who embrace Functional Diagnostic Medicine are forward thinking practitioners who ask different questions about how to better treat the chronically ill patient who otherwise slips through the cracks of conventional allopathic medical diagnosis and treatment.

- They Don't Just Treat Symptoms,
- They Don't Just Rely on One Assessment Technique,
- They Do Not Practice Cookbook Medicine.

They look at the totality of the patient's experience, they gather information from multiple areas of the body, they have a firm belief in the interconnectedness between the different systems of the body, they have a unique understanding of the biochemical individuality of each patient, and you know what? They think outside of the box.

It's all very well to tell you about it, it's quite another thing to show you, so let's pull back the curtain right now and show you exactly how to approach patients from the Functional Diagnostic Medicine perspective.

In order to achieve clinical excellence, you must know:

  • How to ask the right questions
  • How to use primary and advanced lab testing to get as much functional data from the body as possible
  • How to process all that information to get a sense of the true underlying cause
  • How to implement individualized treatment protocols based on your assessments that will restore your patients to optimal function
  • How to follow-up with your poatients to make sure you are moving in the direction
  • How to move your patients from "Condition Care" to "Maintenance Care"

If you know how to doall this you will have positioned yourself as the only practitioner in your town that has answers to the countless health problems afflicting your patients, while your competition is peddling supplements and practicing what we call "cookbook Nutrition"!

The practice of Functional Medicine results in happy and satisfied patients, tons of referrals and the ultimate cash practice!

So if you have existing patients, want more patients, or are just starting out in practice...Functional Diagnostic Medicine is the best, most effective, and the most rewarding way to achieve excellence in clinical practice.

And of course this translates into making more money in your practice.... Functional Diagnostic Medicine is extremely profitable.

The Ultimate Cash Practice No Longer Be a Slave to the Insurance Industry

With reduced insurance reimbursement, with an onslaught of managed care programs and a constant avalanche of paperwork involved with billing insurance companies, the established health care practitioner is finding it increasingly difficult to operate a financially rewarding and stable practice. To add insult to injury, God forbid you're a brand new, just out of school physician, you'll be lucky to get into a tenth of the managed care plans available.

Fortunately there is another way! Whether you're an established or a brand new practitioner you will finally be able to.... exceed your financial goals and put the insurance nightmare to rest.

Large Cash Profits Through Multiple Income Stream: When you use our Functional Diagnostic Medicine System in your clinic and start running a few patients through it you will see some large profits from your consulting time, the interpretation of the patient's blood work and advanced lab tests, the nutritional programs you put together and the re-testing. The interesting part is, patients are excited to pay for this because they experience the value!

- The Huge Potential of Functional Diagnostic Medicine

The bottom line is that Functional Diagnostic Medicine is extremely profitable. Read what one of our students has to say about his experience of impleenting FDM into his practice:

Hey Docs,

James Padilla here.  Just want to give you a word of thanks for offering the functional medicine program. I'm only half way through right now and I'm already seeing the benefits of your course. My patient's are already referring other patients in for natural care. Patients who have been with me for years and others who are new.

This month alone I have collected close to $10,000 from pure functional diagnostic medicine patients. I can't say enough about your program. I'll keep you updated.

James Padilla , D.C.
San Diego Spine & Wellness Center
12070 Carmel Mtn. Rd. Ste. 290,
San Diego, CA 92128


Dr. Padilla is not unique. There are health care practitioners practicing Functional Medicine generating tens of thousands of dollars from their Functional Medicine Practices. There are thousands of others all over the world who are making an incredible impact on the health and wellness of their patients' lives.

Functional Medicine is responsible for helping thousands of patients each year achieve a far better quality of life than any other form of health care.

And while it may seem amazing to do this, you should consider this: As doctors, physicians and health care practitioners, with Functional Diagnostic Medicine we have the ability to help thousands and thousands of people who desperately need our help.

And if you can help only one person each working day, you can make a huge impact on someone's life. If we multiply that by 300 (the average annual enrollment in FMU), as a group we will help 109,500 people in a year. Make that 2 patients a day and you can see the kind of impact Functional Medicine can have on the health and well-being of this planet!

When you think about it, the odds are stacked in your favor. When you understand the principles of Functional Diagnostic Medicine and begin to apply them into your practice, it's pretty hard not to see some amazing results.

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